Learn more about Bill "Tug Boat Willy" Burgess and how he got the nickname "Tug Boat Willy." Also, you will learn more about his family, his past, and what his plans are for the future. Get to know him and see why he has a whole style of his own..........
"Tug Boat Willy Style"

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I came to this design from observing tugs in and around Oregon waterways and from my frequent
trips to Puget Sound.

I designed this boat to be a scaled down version of a 1892 style with square stern and three sided cabin face. I took the roof line from an old tug moored in La Conner Washington.

As the boat was to used in the Kenai River in Alaska with a 35 hp limit, the boat had to be lightweight to tour upstream with four adults. The rivers current is about 5-7 mph and lots of rocks and gravel bars.

She was co-built and fitted out by me during the fall and winter of 1995 in my spare time from my 84hr. work weeks at UNOCAL.

She did her job better than I could have hoped and has been in on two salvage and tow operations as well as ERT/picket duty for labor disputes in addition to her work in the tour trade.

My grandson fishing!

A beautiful picture of my family!

The house plans can be developed and will be available from me through my Four Fathoms Designs desk. Energy and downsizing is where I am going. Some of my plans are geared to expand for starter homes even though they are meant for one or two people on a full time basis.